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You're continually connected. You're always busy, always on the go. Yet the notebooks you've known just can't keep up. What you need is a revolutionary PC technology made to match your mobility—a thin & light "all-day" PC that gives you everything you need to keep going and nothing that'd slow you down.

Your answer: Acer's new all-day computing ("ADC"). Breaking the laptop mold, Acer's ADC technology combines extended battery life in an energy-efficient design that's also thin and light. And for a price that won't drain your pocketbook.

Watch this video to see what life can be like with all-day computing (1 min. 35 sec.).
Acer ADC notebooks have technologies that keep them cool
Your on-the-go lifestyle is all about time. Acer's revolutionary PowerSmart1 ADC advances, made possible by Intel® technologies2, starts with an Intel® ultra low voltage (ULV) processor that's precisely clocked to save power yet provide performance. Intel® Display Power Savings Technology reduces backlighting with minimal visual impact. Just tap the Acer PowerSmart key to engage these and other advanced settings to make your ADC notebook more energy efficient than a typical laptop. In fact, your productivity can be extended up to 8+ hours, based on benchmark testing by Principled Technologies.1 It's time you had more time.

Proven: 8+ Hours!
We commissioned noted technology assessment firm Principled Technologies to validate that our newest ADC notebooks—our Timeline Series—really do “go all day.” Read the results for our 13.3" Timeline; 14” Timeline (Intel® Pentium®) and 14" Timeline (Intel® Core™2 Solo); and 15.6” Timeline (PDF format).
Keeping It Cool
You admire power. And you admire cool: You don't want a laptop that heats up your lap. Because they use less power, the ULV chips in Acer's ADC models generate less warmth. And Intel's laminar wall jet technology—like the cooling technology of today's jet engines—uses louvered inlets to quietly jet cool air across the notebook's bottom, right where it's needed.

Acer ADC notebooks have technologies that keep them cool

Plus, Acer's Energy Star® 5.0 compliant PowerSmart adapter stops charging when the battery is full and stops pulling juice if the adapter is left plugged in when you unhook your notebook. Now that's cool.
  Thin Is In
The next demand of the ADC revolution: thin and light. Your on-the-go life needs a notebook sized for mobility. Each Acer ADC model is less than 1" thin at its front, a fraction more at its rear. Despite all the cutting-edge technologies packed inside, Acer's first ADC lineup, our Aspire® Timeline Series, boasts a 13.3" that weighs a scant 3.5 lbs., a 14.0" at just 4.2 lbs. and a 15.6" at only 5.3 lbs.

Each Acer ADC model is less than 1 inch thin at its front

That's less than comparably sized notebooks—truly mobility at its best when you're going between classes, walking among offices, heading over to the coffeehouse or in the air to your next destination. You'll love the light.
  Everything Your Need
Power, cool and thin are great-as long as you also get the tech you need. And you do, starting with the innovative multi-gesture touchpad. Navigate web pages with a swirl. Zoom in and out of photos with a flick. Plus, the touchpad locks with a single press.

With the multi-gesture touchpad, you can navigate web pages with a swirl and zoom in and out of photos with a flick

With smart backup, you get one-press backup, drive snapshot and smart restore. Multiple USB ports, HDMI and Wi-Fi keep you hooked in, plenty of memory and a large hard drive keep you productive, and the Acer Crystal Eye HD webcam keeps you in touch.

Acer ADC notebooks have everything you need, like HDMI port, smart backup and a webcam
Available Now at Rack Systems Ltd
Learn more now about the Acer Aspire® Timeline Series, available in 13.3-inch, 14-inch and 15.6-inch models. With them, you will get 8+ hours of use, amazing thin & light designs, plus the cutting-edge technologies you need. Acer's ADC notebooks are truly revolutionary. So get ready to go: The revolution is about to begin. Download our price list for Acer, DELL, HP & Toshiba Laptops, Netbooks and Desktops here

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