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Keeping An Eye on your Business

You are running a business and you wish to be able to monitor your business premise, warehouse, shipping area, office, branch offices and other places to protect your asset and keep an eye on what’s going on wherever you are in the world.

You know what you need is a surveillance system. You are however reluctant to look into it because you are concerned about the difficulty you will face in setting up and implementing such a solution. You are unsure how much time it will take to implement the solution, the amount of disruption to your business operations, the interoperability with existing systems, the energy consumption, the cost of ownership, among many other areas of concerns.

No More Worries with D-Link SecureCenter Kit

All your concerns can now be addressed by a simple to use and implement,
all-in-one, surveillance kit! D-Link SecureCenter Kit offers a mutli-channel IP video surveillance system that provides easy installation and setup, painless integration with existing infrastructure, managebility and accessibility anywhere with Internet, effective monitoring and playback capabilities, lower total cost of ownership and more. Give us a call today for a detailed proposal and quote for your Secure Center Kit on +255 784 757799 or email For more information please visit or download a brochure here

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